Early Black Friday November Sale Promo Codes Posted on 09 Nov 23:23

Enjoy some of our early Black Friday November Sales promo codes. Sale ends Dec 1, 2016

FALL300 - $300 Off 08+ G37/Q60 SBLW/ Walker body kit

FALL200 - $200 OFF 09+ 370Z Aztek front bumper

FALL50 - $50 Off 03+ G35 Impul side skirts

SSPD50 - $50 Off 03/04 G35 Sedan Sspeed front bumper 

SSPDZ50 - $50 Off 03+ 350Z  Sspeed front bumper

SBLW100 - $100 Off 03+ G35 SBLW Sspeed V2 Fender Flares

SBLW150 - $150 Off 03+ G35 SBLW Sspeed V1 Fender Flares

SBLWCF400 - $400 Off 03+ G35 SBLW Sspeed V2 Carbon Fiber Fender Flares 

SBLW V1 & V2 Complete Body Kits Posted on 28 Mar 23:17

Our SBLW V1 & V2 kits will now be sold as a complete kit option as well as fender flares only option.

 For those of you that have been asking what the difference in V1 and V2 are, it's simple... We designed the V1 kit Around the Greddy front bumper and Kenstyle rear bumper. Although the front flares can still be used on other bumpers with slight body work the rear flares are specifically for the Kenstyle rear bumper. 

 For the V2 fender flares we designed them around or Sspeed front bumper and Sspeed rear bumper to makes them a bit more universal when it comes to the rear flares. Although you do have a slight area for the Sspeed bumper vent that can easily be filed in or cut by your local professional body shop for a different rear bumper if desired. 

We hope that this helps you out on with any confusion you may have had in the two different styles and helps you select the correct kit for you. If you would like to mix and match the V1 fender and v2 fenders please send us a email to for further assistants